About Us

DonationSafe is an industry leading company that allows you, your campaign, business or non-profit to accept online donations in a secure, seamless and hassle free manner.

At DonationSafe, we are much more than a way to accept credit cards; our focus is on the customer and making sure that all of their online fundraising and customer service needs are met.

Our company is run by individuals that have a background in political consulting, non-profits, business, website development and online security. Because of this diverse experience, we understand the needs and focus on the complete spectrum of online fundraising, from the individual donor and their security needs all the way through the treasurer and their reporting needs.

Customer Service
We are committed to meeting customer needs by providing the highest level of service possible. Just because much of what we do is on the internet, does not mean that we have lost the value of personal interaction and accessibility. One of our customer representatives will be available to you 24/7 to answer questions or needs.

With DonationSafe, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your ability to accept online donations will never be compromised. Recognizing that down time is money lost, our environment is built on redundancies at every level to ensure consistency and a service that is available when needed. We have invested in developing a secure and redundant infrastructure so that you will be immune from downtime. Our servers are hosted in multiple locations, throughout the country, to provide redundancies that will keep your donation taking services online and available for your users. We have partnered with industry leaders to ensure our donation taking system will be online and available.

We recognize that every customer has unique needs and requirements. Unlike some companies that offer generic one size fits all service, we offer the flexibility and solutions to make sure that all of your unique needs are met.

Our technology team will work with your designers to integrate your online fundraising component into our infrastructure with an emphasis on uniformity so that the donation process is seamless.

DonationSafe is an industry leader in online security solutions, putting an emphasis on security for you and your donors. We employ encryption in processing your donations and never store critical information that would allow payment details to be stolen.

Our rates are the lowest in the industry. There are no out-of-pocket expenses and no set-up fees. For a quote, please contact one of our associates at 916-581-2111 or sales@donationsafe.com to get started today!